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Allow Jury-Trials for Child(ren)-related courts



"Karena is a powerful champion of children. she brings hope and light and be a force to reckon with." 

 by Barry Brown, San Francisco, CA


"Great mother, #1 in my heart. Karena's doing at her highest responsibility." 

by Anna Li, San Francisco, CA


"Karena's the most amazing and wonderful person I know. She loves her children, she stays strong, healthy, cheerful, reliable, and is such a giving person!" 

by R. Nunez, Ph.D., San Francisco, CA


"I've just signed up to volunteer and scheduled to donate to Karena's movement. Karena is brave and brings hope to families across California. Finally, we're taking a real step that can make a difference for so many unfortunate children and parent's lives." 

by Robert Singh, Arcadia, CA


I have known Karena Apple Feng for more than 15 years.

Since 2018, she has done her best to help parents who have been snatched by ***** ********** ******** (***) for no reason, assist those poor parents, write court documents, and teach parents how to deal with all kinds of unreasonable *** Treat, save those poor children back to their parents, avoid being sent to many unqualified foster families, and even save the children illegally injured by ***!

Recently, there have been many incidents of robbery, injury, and even killing of Asians in the United States due to discrimination against Asians. Karena Apple Feng stepped up bravely and took the initiative to help the victims of Asian families, seeking compensation and obtaining It has received great praise. For a good person like this, we should support her and help her so that she can work hard for more unfortunate people.

by Alvin Hung, San Francisco, CA 

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